September 22, 2019

Message Notes          
September 22, 2019 | Teacher: Ken wilson

The Spread of the Gospel in the Book of Acts
Thessalonica and Berea: A Model for Ministry
(Acts 17:1-15)

Sermon Notes

Philosophy of Ministry
The foundation of ministry
is explaining Scripture and pointing to Jesus. 
(Acts 17:1-3)

Response to Ministry
The goal of ministry is
all kinds of people responding to the gospel.

Opposition to Ministry
The reality of ministry
is that opposition will be unreal and unreasonable.

Evaluation of Ministry
The best engagement with ministry
is eager reception and careful examination. 


Lessons for Witnesses:
The ministry of witnesses focuses on
using the scripture to declare the Savior
  and is examined and responded to by some,
while being rejected and opposed by others.

Next Steps

• I will _____________________________ to understand Scripture more. 

• I will commit to translate my knowledge into a relationship with Jesus. 

• I will both eagerly receive and carefully examine what I hear.

This Week’s Growth Guide

God’s Word is both central and critical to your spiritual growth. We invite you to utilize the Growth Guide during the week to further your application of the Truth from the message.

• Monday - 1 Thessalonians 1
• Tuesday - 1 Thessalonians 2
• Wednesday - 1 Thessalonians 3-4
• Thursday - 1 Thessalonians 5
• Friday - Acts 17:16-34

Home Church
Our Home Churches meet weekly to facilitate quicker relational depth, study the same passage taught Sunday to help apply Scripture in the context of community, and pray with one another.  Home Church helps our body seek God’s best for one another.

Home Church Questions

•  Read Acts 17:1-15.
•  What was the main point of the message this week?
•  Was there anything new, interesting, insightful, or even unclear from the message?
•  What was your main take-away from this week’s message?
•  What are the best characteristics of the churches you have attended?
•  What are the best characteristics of pastors you have had?
•  Why do you listen to certain Bible teachers and not others?
•  Why do you think Paul highlights the prominent women in Thessolonica, and the prominent women and men in Berea?
•  What are some practical ways you can examine the Scriptures to see if what you are being taught is true?
•  What is the “perfect balance” between explanation and application?  Why do you think this is true?
•  Home church is primarily a place to build relationships and make life-changing application of Scripture to life.  How is your group doing?  How can you improve?

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