October 13, 2019

Message Notes          
October 13, 2019 | Teacher: Michael harrison

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The Spread of the Gospel in the Book of Acts
Expansion through Discipleship
(Acts 18:18-28)

The Ministry of Paul
Witnesses follow God’s plan for their lives
and not their own.
(Acts 18:18-23)

The Ministry of Priscilla and Aquila
Relationships provide the space and time for spiritual growth.
(Acts 18:18-19, 26)

The Ministry of Apollos
Humility is the foundation of learning.
(Acts 18:24-28)

Witnesses surrender completely, invest deeply,
and live in humility for the sake of the gospel.

Next Steps
I will commit to engage the Scriptures daily.  
I will remain in the fight and be a part of God’s story.

This Week’s Growth Guide

God’s Word is both central and critical to your spiritual growth. We invite you to utilize the Growth Guide during the week to further your application of the Truth from the message.

• Monday - Romans 16
• Tuesday - 1 Corinthians 3
• Wednesday - 1 Corinthians 16
• Thursday - 2 Timothy 4
• Friday - Acts 19:1-22

Home Church
Our Home Churches meet weekly to facilitate quicker relational depth, study the same passage taught Sunday to help apply Scripture in the context of community, and pray with one another.  Home Church helps our body seek God’s best for one another.

Home Church Questions

•  Read
Acts 18:18-28.
•  What was the main point of the message this week?
•  Was there anything new, interesting, insightful, or even unclear from the message?
•  How did Paul impact the lives of Priscilla & Aquila?  Apollos?
•  How were Priscilla & Aquila using the gifts God gave them?
•  Why was God willing to use Apollos even when his understanding was lacking or incomplete?
•  Do you see yourself to be more like Apollos or Priscilla & Aquila? Explain.
•  Are you being used in your SHAPE for the sake of the gospel?
•  God’s story is still unfolding.  Discuss how this impacts your life.

AT FELLOWSHIP                                                     

Fellowship 101 - November 3 | 9:00 a.m.
Get to know Fellowship better by understanding our mission, values, and ministries. Join us Sunday, November 3, 9:00 a.m., in the conference room 1st service, to hear about what God is doing and where He is taking us. During the hour and a half, you will get a chance to ask questions, and meet some of our ministry leaders. Contact Michael at mharrison@fellowshipconway.org.

Fellowship Kids Pumpkin Patch
One of Fellowship’s yearly family fun events!  Meet us at Schaefers & Collins Pumpkin Patch Saturday, October 19, 10-12:00 p.m. The cost for a hayride and picking a pumpkin is $7 per child. Adults who ride are $2.00.  Cash and checks accepted. 

Prayer for Mission Trips
Our Nicaragua and Germany teams have arrived and are ready for God to use them to accomplish His purposes. Please be in prayer for them.

Men’s Muster
Early Bird Sign-up has begun! Men, mark your calendar (April 17-19, 2020) Get onboard now to save money on your Muster registration. Contact Andy at men@fellowshipconway.org for more information or come see us at the Connection Center in the Atrim after each service. 

Home church 
Get connected, join a small group! Fellowship continues to connect people in relationship through our small group ministry called Home Church. Contact Michael Harrison at mharrison@fellowshipconway.org to get connected.

Equipping Ministry

Need help in an area of your spiritual life? We have you covered. Join us in the Atrium after service,  or check out all the classes at https://www.fellowshipconway.org/equipping.

•   Apologetics and Worldview - Are you prepared to defend your beliefs when challenged? Understanding the Christian worldview and applying it to challenges, helps us navigate our world by discovering truth in a post-truth culture.  In this course you will be trained to think clearly when you are on the battlefield of ideas. Sundays, beginning TODAY during the 10:45 service.  

• Bible Study Methods - The goal of Bible study as a whole is to make application of the Scripture to our lives while the goal of interpretation, within Bible study, is to discover the meaning of the text.  Only after we know the meaning of a text can we understand the significance that a specific text has for us. In this 6-week course you will learn that the Bible has one interpretation or meaning, with many applications. Sundays, beginning TODAY during the 10:45 a.m. service.

• The Core - Whether you are struggling to articulate your beliefs, or just need a refresher in Fellowship’s Core Doctrines, this course is for you.  We will take six weeks and walk through our core beliefs and help build a theological foundation that supports them. Beginning TODAY during the 10:45 a.m. service.  

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