September 8, 2019

Message Notes          
September 8, 2019 | Teacher: Ken wilson

Sermon Slides

The Spread of the Gospel in the Book of Acts
Prison: A Fearless and Faithful Ministry
(Acts 16:16-40)

An Exorcism of a Trafficked Girl Who Knows the Truth
The Gospel brings salvation and freedom
to those in bondage.
(Acts 16:16-18)

A Kangaroo Court Protecting The Profits
Opposition to the Gospel
is often popular and profitable.

A Jailhouse Revival Reaching an Entire Family
The Gospel will save your life
and impact your family.

A Strategic Resolution
God’s rescue does not always
unfold the way we would like.

Lessons for Witnesses:
The power of the Gospel brings release from bondage, 
freedom from fear, salvation from death, 
transformation to families, 
and purpose for suffering.

Next Steps

• Have you been freed by the gospel of Jesus Christ?
• Is the gospel having an impact in your life and your family?
• Is Jesus worthy of your suffering?

This Week’s Growth Guide

God’s Word is both central and critical to your spiritual growth. We invite you to utilize the Growth Guide during the week to further your application of the Truth from the message.

• Monday - Mark 5:1-20
• Tuesday - Luke 8:26-39
• Wednesday - Romans 8:18-27
• Thursday - Romans 8:28-39
• Friday - Acts 17:1-9

Home Church
Our Home Churches meet weekly to facilitate quicker relational depth, study the same passage taught Sunday to help apply Scripture in the context of community, and pray with one another.  Home Church helps our body seek God’s best for one another.

Home Church Questions
•  Read Acts 16:16-40.
•  What was the main point of the message this week?
•  Was there anything new, interesting, insightful, or even unclear from the message?
•  What was your main take-away from this week’s message?
•  What do you know about human trafficking?
•  In what way is the gospel a threat to human trafficking?
•  Where do you see growing government opposition to the gospel?  How should we respond?
•  This passage is as clear as it gets when it comes to the gospel.  What are the essentials of presenting gospel truth?  What must a person do to be saved?
•  What do you think happened with the baptism of the whole household?  Does this verse teach infant baptism?  Do you think only adults were baptized? 
•  Why were they baptized so quickly (no confirmation class)?
•  Why did Paul not appeal to his Roman Citizenship earlier?
•  How much suffering have you had to endure for the sake of the gospel?

At Fellowship                      

Fellowship 101 | September 15  | 9-10:30 a.m.
Get to know Fellowship better by understanding our mission, values, and
ministries. Join us Sunday, September 15, 9:00 a.m., in the conference room (new building ) during 1st service, to hear about what God is doing and where He is taking us. During the hour and a half, you will get a chance to ask questions and meet some of our ministry leaders. Contact Michael at

Home church 
Get connected, join a small group! Fellowship continues to connect people in relationship through our small group ministry called Home Church. Home Churches meet weekly in homes to study, pray, and serve together. Stop by our display in the Atrium after service to get connected.

NEXT Launching  
If you are between 18 and 25,  looking for biblical community, we have a place for you! After second service today lunch will be provided by one of our small groups which is always great food! Then,  join us Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. for worship, teaching, and small groups. Meet our college and young adult pastor, Zach Benton, in the Atrium at the NEXT table after service or email at

Equipping Ministry
Lots of classes on a variety of topics are launching in the next few weeks, including - Marriage, Doctrine, Financial Peace, Bible Study Methods, Spiritual Disciplines, and Apologetics. Choose the class that will further your spiritual growth and invest in your relationship with God this Fall. Join us in the Atrium after service,  or check out all the classes at

Girlfriends Retreat - Ferncliff Conference Center, October 11-13
Do you long to get away from everyday responsibilities and take time to worship God and connect with other women? You need this! Discounted early bird registration starting at $105 from now through September 15. Registration cost starts at $120 from September 16 through September 30. For more info contact Lesta at Sign-up at the Connection Center or online.
Father - Son Camp Out  
Today is the final day to sign-up. Fathers and their sons, grades K-12, are invited to the woods on Friday evening and Saturday, Sept 13-14, for the Father-Son Camp Out.  Register at for more information. 

Fellowship Kids Baptism Class - Starting today - Second Service
If your child has placed their faith in Christ, we would love for you to join us for this four week class. This is a class for you and your child to attend together as we discuss the character of God, salvation, baptism and spiritual disciplines. If you are interested, email Heather at

OCC Packing Party Prep
The OCC team would like to invite anyone free during the day to join us for our last shoebox item prep on Wednesday, September 11, from 9-noon in Equipping Room #2101.  The Special Pack is quickly approaching  and we are looking forward to being prepared for that evening.

OCC Packing Party
Mark your calendars now!  The 2019 Operation Christmas Child Special Packing party will be Tuesday, September 17th,  from 6-9. You don’t want to miss this fun and eternally significant night as we pack 2400 gospel opportunities. 

Men’s Muster  
Early Bird Sign-up has begun! Men, mark your calendar (April 17-19, 2020) and get onboard now to save money on your Muster registration. Go to for more information.

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