July 28, 2019

The Spread of the Gospel in the Book of Acts
The Letter: By Grace Through Faith Alone 
(Acts 15:22-35)

Teaching Slides

The Decision
In order to advance the gospel,
the leadership of the church does what seems best
and is supported by the congregation.
(Acts 15:22)

           Decision Making:                              Simple Wisdom:

             1.  Bible                                                    1.  Write it down

               2.  Logic                                                   2.  Cover your butt

               3.  Experience                4. Community

The Letter
The unified message of the church is
salvation by grace through faith in Jesus. 
(Acts 15:23-29)

                1.  Clarity on the Issue

                2.  Unity in the Decision

                3.  Preservation of the Relationships

                4.  Acknowledgment of Spiritual Guidance

                5.  Consistent Message

The Delivery
The church rejoices when the good news is receoved as good news.
(Acts 15:30-35)

                1.  Accuracy

                2.  Joy

                3.  Encouragement

                4. Strengthening

Lessons for Witnesses:
Salvation is by grace through faith;
we must share the message as good news.

Next Steps:
• Enroll in Downline or Perspectives to take the next step in being a witness.
• Sign up to be part of the 24/7 Prayer Room dedicating our new building at 

This Week’s Growth Guide
God’s Word is both central and critical to your spiritual growth. We invite you to utilize the Growth Guide during the week to further your application of the Truth from the message.

• Monday – Galatians 2:15-21
• Tuesday – Galatians 3:1-9
• Wednesday – Galatians 3:10-14
• Thursday – Galatians 3:15-29
• Friday – Acts 15:36-41

At Fellowship                                                                                    

Home Church Launch – Week of August 25
Home Church is where Fellowship gathers to apply God’s Word, pray for one another, serve and grow in relationship with others.  Home Church is launching the week of August 25. Child care is available on Sunday and Wednesday evenings for $35 a month. Sign up begins August 4 on-line & at the Connection Center. 

Grand Opening – August 18 | Both Services
Our Grand Opening will be a time to introduce our community to the story God is writing at Fellowship and how there is a place for everyone in His story. We will have our normal Sunday services so that our guests can see what happens as we gather weekly.  After each service there will be free food, fun, and fellowship complete with inflatables for the kids and tours of our new facility. Fellowship ministries will be set up in the Atrium to showcase opportunities to connect and serve. We are asking our Fellowship Family to invite those around you to join us, involve yourself in the event to make it great, and be intentional the day of to welcome all who come through our doors. We are excited to share with people all that God is doing in and through Fellowship for His Kingdom. See Shane for more information.  

24/7 Prayer
Join us as we inaugurate our new and remodeled space, pleading with God to bless it for the broad ministry purposes that will take place for years to come. Starting August 11, we will pray on site for Fellowship 24/7 for one week, leading into our Grand Opening. Sign-up online at 
www.24-7prayer.com/signup/1c2394 or at the Connection Center.

Fellowship Equipping Classes launching September 2019
Invest in your spiritual growth by choosing one or two equipping classes that will challenge you, equip you, and prepare you for effective ministry. Beginning in September you can choose from a variety of classes designed to help you grow your faith and live it out. Class descriptions, dates, and times available at www.fellowshipconway.org/equipping. Registration begins August 4th. Contact Michael at mharrison@fellowshipconway.org for more information. 

Fellowship Kids Volunteers
Are you ready to say yes to making an eternal impact in the lives of our kids? Come join us as we teach God’s Word to the youngest among us. For more information stop by the display in the Atrium today after services. 

FSM and Fellowship Kids Kick Off 
August 11 is the Fall launch for FSM and Fellowship Kids.  This is an exciting time as 5th graders walk into the Youth room and Kingdergartners will join Big Kid Worship for the first time.  They will make new friends, hear about Jesus, and be cared for.  Questions? For Youth (5-12th grade) contact Alan aputnam@fellowshipconway.org.  For Kids (K-4th grade) contact Heather at hmckinney@fellowshipconway.org

Featured Ministry Partner – Life Choices
Life Choices is your local pregnancy resource center, a faith based non profit,  that offers a safe place and support for those who are pregnant.  On any given day, we are conducting free pregnancy tests & free limited ultrasounds  We also have group parenting classes and material assistance in the form of diapers, car seats, and baby clothes, etc.  But more than any of this, our heart beats for sharing the love of Jesus in word and actions with those we minister too.  Your support allows all of these free services to continue here in our community. 

Fellowship Child Care Workers Needed
High school and college students, this is a great opportunity to earn extra money in a great environment. Child care workers are needed for events that take place here at Fellowship. All interested applicants are encouraged to contact Shanna Franklin at 501-336-0332. Applications can be picked up at the Connection Center or the Fellowship Ministry Office.  

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